What is Inner Child Healing

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What is Inner Child Healing?

We all have an inner child (or an inner younger part of our being) who has not always been heard, seen, or treated in a nurturing way. For many the inner child has unresolved experiences of being ignored, abandoned or even abused. These unresolved experiences become buried in the subconscious mind and impact our adult life and behavior patterns.

Inner Child healing through hypnotherapy is a deep and profound experience that goes to the source of the unresolved experiences eliminating the mental chatter which often prevents us from tapping into the inner child energy. When we connect and heal the inner child we are able to resolve many beliefs and behavior patterns adversely affecting our present life.

So who is this Inner Child?

The Inner Child is the energy of creativity, spontaneity, love, trust, and confidence that exists in each of us. When that energy has been wounded or has had experiences that caused fear or shame it buries itself deep in the subconscious mind in order to defend itself from further harm. In hypnotherapy work with the Inner Child we can retrieve the experiences that caused the wound and heal that experience reprogramming the belief experience of the energy. Unless we reprogram the disappointments and wounded belief patterns, they become our adult experiences as well.

Signs You May Need Inner Child Work

  • Present disappointment experiences result in deep sadness and anger
  • You attack yourself: I am worthless, I don’t deserve language
  • You dismiss how YOU experience your feelings
  • You feel ashamed, betrayed, and have resentment and grief from the past
  • You rationalize how others treat you
  • Your relationships seem to always fail; you find it difficult to love and experience being loved
  • You need everything in life planned out; lack of spontaneity
  • You find it difficult to trust anyone

Inner Child Hypnotherapy can release these old burdens of your wounds allowing you to experience freedom, perhaps for the first time. Working together to retrieve the experiences, we trace the self-attack attitude to find the cause of their belief pattern. similar sites . These old belief patterns from children were created as a defense mechanism for the conscious mind. In this deep healing work we release the old patterns and create a new program of compassionate, nurturing, and positive approach to life.

Benefits of Inner Child Hypnotherapy

As we heal these old wounds, you begin to experience a self-love which allows you to love others. When we love ourselves, we can trust again, create again, and find joy in life. rackspace cloud Relationships can be healed.   Experiences of loneliness, fear, depression, and lack of self-worth are shifted into self-confidence, courage, optimism and passion.

The journey of Inner Child Hypnotherapy Healing can be one of discovery, recovery, and aliveness.


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