Age Regression

Age Regression is a hypnosis technique to assist you with self-healing. Everything that we experience in life is recorded in our subconscious mind. With age regression hypnosis we are able to go back to even birth in order to retrieve and clear frozen blocks of energy which are still being held in the subconscious mind. These frozen blocks can cause us to have belief patterns which are based in fear or limit our ability to feel worthy and loved. These negative belief patterns can cause physical ailments and illness as well as emotional and mental stresses. By releasing them we are able to have a greater degree of mental and physical health; as well as an overall wellbeing of our emotional beings.


Working through traumas or painful experiences in hypnosis allows you to remember them exactly as they happened rather than being skewed by years of living with the painful memories.   Seeing and facing the experiences allows for a deeper level of release of the adverse emotions and belief patterns that the experience created. Many times these painful experiences are actually repressed from the conscious memory as a defense mechanism. Revisiting through hypnotic trance allows you to look back in a safe and nurturing environment.


Past-life Regression

Past-life Regression is similar to age regression; however, in this form of regression you are going back to previous lives. Many times the obstacles faced in this lifetime can be traced back to belief patterns and DNA formative carried forward to this lifetime. By returning to the experience and/or trauma in past lives where the circumstances created the belief pattern, we can locate the exact lifetime and circumstance that needs to be cleared and healed. At this level the healing in the present lifetime can be amazing. Obstacles and challenges which have held you back for years can be instantly released giving you more energy and creativity NOW.


In addition to clearing obstacles and challenges, during past life regression many times a new skill or awareness is also discovered. Once the subconscious mind “remembers” the skill, prosperity, and spiritual awareness during hypnosis, the conscious mind is able to tap into the new information to utilize it in this life time.


Past-life Regression can assist you:

  • To change the negative and adverse patterns, behaviors, and addictions
  • To understand and release unexplained fears, anger, grief, guilt and anxiety.
  • To discover your unique soul purpose and gifts
  • To understand the karmic implications in your current relationships
  • To heal physical dis-ease and illness that have roots in past lives
  • To connect with your spiritual guides
  • To recover skills from previous lifetimes and reintegrate them