The Autobiography of Your Eternal Soul

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The Autobiography of Your Eternal Soul

Discovering your autobiography through past life regression for some is simply a curiosity of what may have been. For most who seek out regression it is a much deeper and profound reason – healing. Healing to grow beyond the obstacles and behaviors ingrained within your DNA.

Past life regression shares with you through a therapeutic technique for reviewing your personal stories of why you are here and who you are within. Through this therapeutic technique of hypnosis, one can uncover talents and skills from the past to overcome what is being faced in this life time, gain insights in relationships, release fears, anxieties and fears that are linked to trauma’s in past lives, and MOST importantly understand and get aligned with YOUR life purpose.

How do you read your soul autobiography?

Past life regression begins with helping you to achieve a relaxed light trance. While in this trance YOU see your story, YOU feel and experience it, and YOU hear the messages. relevant domain names As your guide, I simply help to direct where you look, but YOU become the character of your story.

Experiencing your Soul’s journey

Past life regression is like living your autobiography in full, vibrant color. As the story unfolds, you will experience emotions, sensing sights, smelling smells, and recall the sounds. As a full sensory experience you may relive the sadness, despair, or the bliss.

The physical sensations and emotions that are experienced are real but only the healing messages obtained are brought back with you. As you continue on the story of your soul, you are guided to allow the experiences to fill you and then to release them keeping only that which assists you.

How the Soul Journey of Past Life Regression Heals

Each of us were not born with a blank slate, we bring with us the stories, the wisdom, the pains and traumas of past life regressions. We carry these memories and knowledge are carried with us through our DNA and in our subconscious mind. They carry with them an energetic signature that affects us in many ways. Whether it is guilt, death, wisdom, love and wisdom.

Each of these energetic signatures from our soul’s journey set up patterns within our beliefs and behaviors that are repeated in this life time. Certain activities or sounds even can trigger a behavior. They can affect our relationships, our careers, and even our health.

When we uncover the memories of our past lives we are able to release patterns that do not serve us in this freeing us to live more fully in the present. We discover patterns and skills to bring into this lifetime to benefit our present living.

Truly past life regression is a process of healing your soul’s autobiography by healing the past.

To discover your soul’s autobiography and heal your past, schedule your past life regression today.

Life is worth it all ~ Live it to your truest


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